"I first met Jean Ligon through the unfortunate experience of divorce.  I wish I could say that Jean was the first lawyer that I contacted, but that was not the case.  One of the first things you find out when going through a divorce is that your lawyer is (or should be) a part of your support system during that time.  Your lawyer is there to help you through the legal difficulties that you don't always comprehend.

The thing that struck me about Jean is that she didn't promise that she would be able to get everything that I wanted; what she did was lay out a legal plan that was fair, one that put my mind at ease.  Jean was always honest with me; she let me know which battles to fight and which ones to let go. 

Communication with your lawyer during the tough time of divorce or any legal matter is essential to your case and with Jean I felt that the lines of communication were always open.  I have the utmost respect for Jean and I would highly recommend her services."

- Thomas J. Hoffman, Dexter, MI


"I have sought legal assistance from Jean Ligon on multiple occasions for many diverse situations.  Her knowledge, expertise and professionalism are impeccable.  She adds a unique dimension to her law practice in that she sincerely cares about her clients, their concerns and legal problems." 

- Barbara Potter, Howell, MI


"I had the fortune to be referred to Jean Ligon concerning a custody battle for my two young grandchildren.  Jean fought hard for us, and most of all, she explained planned strategies and kept our spirits up.  We won our lengthy battle!  I truly believe that because of Jean being part of our team, my two grandchildren are alive today, also my daughter is on her way to a healthy recovery.  You might say to me, well, she got paid - true - but she gave back much more than what she was paid.  Jean has a heart for clients.  She also has what is a dying virtue in today's world: Integrity.  Jean stands up for what is right.  Thanks Jean!"

- Mary Ellen Parks, Brighton, MI


"The epitome of honesty and integrity in her profession, Jean Ligon leads with confidence and compassion through very difficult endeavors."

- Jennifer Eades, Stockbridge, MI